Federal Way School District
Federal Way, WA USA


Panther Lake Elementary School | Completion: August 2009

Valhalla Elementary School | Completion: August 2009

Construction was complete for the 2009 school year for these schools being rebuilt with 2007 bond dollars. the schools provide an abundance of natural light, from multiple small windows in exterior classroom walls and interior skylight 'lanterns' along walls of classrooms and corridors. The Panther Lake site is located in an area with existing woodland and significant topography. In order to fit the new Valhalla school building on the property available, the school was designed with two levels.

The goal for site development is to make the outdoor spaces surrounding the school building an integral part of the learning environment -- incorporating play, education, and recreation. Hard surface play allows enough room for several play courts, and room for a new climber. The covered play area includes basketball and a ball wall. Outdoor Learning Areas provide space for plants, classroom gatherings and outdoor activities, such a as art/science projects that may require 'messy' space.

Lakeland Elementary School | Completion: August 2011

Sunnycrest Elementary School | Completion: August 2011

Construction is underway for these two school sites. These sites incorporate the strong design ideals derived from the planning of the first schools, taking advantage of lessons learned during the process. The outdoor portions of the sites are treated as an extension of the learning environment -- an outdoor classroom that will be a meaningful, entertaining and inspiring part of the school experience. Function goals to provide safe and protected unprogrammed play. Outdoor areas are designed to allow for teacher supervision and visual checks of the play areas from areas that are efficient and comfortable for supervisors (. Hard surface play has been provided allowing enough room for several play courts. Located on the playground will be a new climbing structure. Covered play areas form an 'edge' to the play and include 4-square courts, and basketball. Students will be able to queue here for morning entry during inclement weather.